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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

After bonding over childhood stories about how Jordan used to collect snails, my father was a local betta breeder, and some how managed to keep a goldfish alive for 8 years, we then began to dive back into the hobby together. After the first couple months of re-educating ourselves and expanding our knowledge about freshwater ecosystems Jaylie Aqua was created. 

Fish Swimming

Our Story

     "Who is Jaylie", is a question we get quite often but to your surprise Jaylie is both of us! The Name is a combination of both of our names, Jordan and Melanie. This passion for becoming fish hobbyist rekindled for both of us in the early months of the Covid 19 2020 pandemic. Although unfortunate timing for small business owners during this time we found a silver lining. Due to staying at home and having a lot of free time on our hands we were able to brainstorm and have the study time to re-educate ourselves and dive in to the wonderful world of freshwater fish once more. 




 With one question and an educational video started it all. We began to visit pet stores such as your introductory Petsmart and Petco, along with many local farms and fish businesses. Staying curious, building friendships, and observing went on for hours a day ,and four months later all of the crew members from these different facilities knew us and told us we might as well start working there due to how many hours we devoted into learning. Little did we know this would land us a great job opportunity at the reputable Predatory Fins establishment. During our employment there we picked up a few tricks and tips and it gave us a chance to branch out and get in contact with the hobbyist community here in South Miami Florida. Sadly it came to an end when they decided to move to New York but we still kept the adventure going to see what else we could explore.



During this age is where we evolved into creating our own aquariums and aquascapes. Learning about filtration, aquarium construction builds, decoration, aquaponics, and much more. I'd love to elaborate but if you've made it this far I'm sure you are aware of the world of information that is available about this grand topic. 

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